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Guitar Gear I’m loving Now…

Music Gear for the Working Player

This is one singer/songwriter’s take on gear and making the best use of space, on stage… Read More

The Major Scale for Beginners

The Musical Ear & Cultural Mind

Music comes from the heart and the soul. We are born with it and we add to it, all our lives. When we love, our heart sings. When we lose, we sing the blues. The major scale has been one of western culture’s base elements for a thousand years.

You may not realize it but I’m pretty sure you already know a lot about the major scale… Read More

British Blues & Long John Baldry

The British Blues Scene of the 1960’s

I’ve always listened to a variety of music which I encourage you to do, as well. So while I was listening to Bob Dylan, I was also playing my guitar along with John Lee Hooker’s, double album, “Mad Man Blues” and James Taylor’s, “Sweet Baby James.” Still at that time playing the blues felt like a mission to me. Read More