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How To Host A House Concert

A Musician’s View

I grew up in a time when a DJ was some old-time way of having a “record-hop”. I realize that a good DJ can be a fun experience but even DJ’s love live music. I saw a lot of great local musicians during my high school years because if we could get a band, we got a band!

I say, it is easier than you think to get live musicians to play for you and your friends. Who wouldn’t love good music, some good food, with friends in the comfort of your own space? My lovely wife, Donna, has great, “craft nights” and we’re already talking about how to rearrange the furniture for a “music night”. So let’s walk through this together… Read More

Rock & Blues Music, 1977

Winter Tree in the Lens

The Blue Northern Band on the coast of Maine

Islesboro, Maine, in the mid to late ’70’s was a magical place. The Island Pub was in full swing, on Islesboro and the music scene throughout Maine had a large assortment of great musicians who all knew and helped each other. Once I was even a small part of that, I couldn’t stay away for long…
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What Every Musician Wants


A Musician is Fortunate to be a Musician…

With the holidays upon us I find myself looking back and taking stock in where I’ve been and where I am. As I ponder my good fortune at being a musician, I’m drawn to the question; What do musicians really want?
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Country-Rock 1976

Tulsa Times; An Adirondack Band

New York Country Rock

I returned from Islesboro, Maine to Upstate New York , in the fall of 1975. Within a very short time Joe Allard, Thon Christiana, and I were playing music and looking to start a band…

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The Hotel Debris

One More Adirondack Winter

By the autumn of 1975 I was thinking of ways to stay on Islesboro for the winter. However, things rarely turn out the way I plan.

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From The Adirondacks To Maine with Music

A Blues Singer Finds Rock & Roll

I started playing music with my friends in upstate NY. We rehearsed in family living rooms, cellars, and garages. At one point we were practicing in the local firehouse and at one time, a local church basement. The first gig, I recall was at a local church dance in Floyd, NY. where I sang “Let’s Get Together” written by Chet Powers. The crowd really liked it and I was hooked on gigging!  

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