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The Major Scale for Beginners

The Musical Ear & Cultural Mind

Music comes from the heart and the soul. We are born with it and we add to it, all our lives. When we love, our heart sings. When we lose, we sing the blues. The major scale has been one of western culture’s base elements for a thousand years.

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How to Tune Your Guitar

Tuning for the beginning player

I was talking with one of my “brand new” students about getting together and she said, “…well my guitar is out of tune again…” I am reminded that an in-tune guitar is a happy guitar and a happy guitar leads to a happy guitar-player… So let’s all get in tune!
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Beginning Fingerpicking Guitar


Fingerpicking a Folk song

Fingerpicking: picking with your fingers; simple right? It can be harder than it seems but with a lot of practice, it can bring you a lot of enjoyment…
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Drop-D Tuning For Guitar

Two Souls on the Beach

Why “Drop-D” Tuning?

I have played in Drop-D tuning for many years and use it today, more than ever. It offers a deeper sound in the low end and lots of opportunities for moving lines and jangling suspensions and drones…
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