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British Blues & Long John Baldry

The British Blues Scene of the 1960’s

I’ve always listened to a variety of music which I encourage you to do, as well. So while I was listening to Bob Dylan, I was also playing my guitar along with John Lee Hooker’s, double album, “Mad Man Blues” and James Taylor’s, “Sweet Baby James.” Still at that time playing the blues felt like a mission to me. Read More

Enjoying and Understanding Music


Enjoying music means understanding Music

When I google “understanding music” the vast majority of hits I get are about music theory. Understanding music is much bigger than just music theory; a true understanding includes listening, playing, and creating music. You and I benefit from a better relationship with music…

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Leonard Cohen, Bird on the Wire

Like A Bird On The Wire

The lyrics to the song, “Bird On The Wire” by Leonard Cohen, have a spiritual quality in their directness. They speak directly to the listener, revealing truths about the writer. Admissions of the writer’s profound failings, yet shameless in the telling.

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