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It’s Sunday morning of a holiday weekend in America. The sun is just coming up and I’m awake. Is there a better reason to take on life’s big issues and write a little bit? So, with the sun rising outside my window and a kitten (soon to be adolescent cat) attacking my feet, I want to address the process of being happy.

When I’m happy I try to embrace it. Don’t let those little moments slip by. Sometimes I’m just,… happy. I don’t always have a specific reason for it, it just happens. I could let myself feel guilty, because the rest of the world is suffering or I can just smile and ride the happy train for a little while. I promise, I’ll find something to feel sad, mad, or guilty about tomorrow!

We all have baggage, we all have worries, and we all need to move forward. True, I may be in a good spot, right this moment, but I have stuff that bothers me. I have boxes stacked in the office, dust bunnies in the Music room, mud where my front yard used to be, and the cat ate my mic cable! Now, I’m just complaining but you get what I mean… I have issues.

So what do I do when my world is all bad? When I can’t get over the problem(s) staring me down and happy people make me want to lose my lunch?

Letting Go

Drop the rock, don’t let it take you under, time to

Drop the rock, Don’t let it take you down!

Drop the rock, don’t let it pull you down…

From the recording “Another Day” by Willy Kelly, 2002


How many of us have been pulled down by troubles in our relationships? That’s a tough one for everybody. Our friends may say, “there are other fish in the sea” but that doesn’t necessarily make us feel better. Trouble is trouble; loss is loss. It’s not always the person we need to deal with, it’s the heartache.

Some things can’t be changed. We lose money, we need money, we lose friends, these are real issues. If it’s important to you, it’s important. When our wheels break down, we can’t just pretend we don’t have somewhere to get to and no ride. The truth is we won’t find a ride by being mad or worse, enraged. We get where we need to be by asking for help or walking until a better plan takes shape.

So what I really give up is the pain, the agony, and the boredom of the things I can’t change. If something is not right for me, why hang on to it? Often, we really don’t need the things that drag us down. And some things, in life, are hard. Change is hard. Growth is hard. Practicing my guitar is hard and yet I love to play…

We don’t necessarily get rid of things that are hard for us, we let go of the pain of making it right.


Get Over

Let it go, often means, grow through it. We find ways to overcome. What I like about “getting over”, is that it’s my project or issue to overcome. I don’t have to wait for someone else to set me free. I am free.

I feel bad, when I, begrudgingly, give others control. I feel better when I do good work. I feel bad, when I don’t live up to the standards I set, for me. I can look to others to “fix it”, but they never really will. Sooner or later, I have to be the one to fix me.

The beauty in this is, I don’t have to fix you. I can listen, I can share, but I can’t really own your problems or solutions. If I’m only responsible for me and I do what I can to make things better, then I’m getting it done for today. The only question is am I really doing what I can?

I say, take a moment to replay all your options. Try to be willing to consider them all. If you can’t deny a possible solution, just do it. Get it over with and give yourself the freedom to move forward. Even if the fix is hard, the fact that you’re working on it makes you the winner. Being honest enough to look at your issues is the big “get over”

Have Fun & Do Good Work

  • So you don’t own me; I’m not the victim.
  • I don’t own you; you’re way too much responsibility for me (no offense).
  • I don’t have to carry around yesterday’s problems. If I haven’t solved them yet, they’ll be there, if I need them.
  • If I’m honestly doing what I can to make things better, It’s ok to have a little fun today…

When you sit down for dinner and someone asks, “why are you so happy.” (Like you need permission to be happy!), tell them “Willy said, it’s all good…”

When they ask, “Who’s Willy?”, you can just say, “Please pass the potatoes.”, and I’ll just let it go…

Finn at the stairs


Love, Peace, & Happiness…

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