The Dandy Smokin’ Carlisles Living the Dream

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I saw the “Dandy Smokin’ Carlisles” (Dan and Dave Kelly), at Dennett’s Wharf in Castine last weekend.

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Although I am certainly biased, (they’re family!) I can say they sounded great. They played some long, song-to-song jams and the set I heard had very little “dead-air”. Their choice of songs was an eclectic mix of vintage and recent material with their own compositions, played every so often, through the night.


So I’ve been practicing for our Willy Kelly Band gig in Castine, on July 4th. The band includes Dan Kelly, guitar, Dave Kelly, drums, and Ezra Rugg on bass. I’ve known Ezra for a long time and he has a reputation as a great player. Musicians whom I respect, have mentioned that his tone always sits in the mix, perfectly. Dave and Dan are two of my favorite people to play music with. Their musical vocabulary is often in sync with my own and I love the songs they contribute. However, I want to talk about playing.


I’ve written songs since I was younger than I can remember. One of my first musical memories was making up a song about the Royal Canadian Mounties, while sitting alone on the front porch. I must have been about six years old and I was totally serious. I wasn’t thinking about being a rock star or a blues man, I was just psyched to be writing a song!


Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of songs. I’ve been writing love songs and story songs. Songs inspired by places I’ve been and people I’ve met. I say, “… how lucky am I?” I love to listen to music and I love to make music. It’s been a constant throughout my life. We all know that, at some point, things change. How gracefully we handle changes, has a lot to do with our quality of life. Music styles change but a love for music is a gift for life.


Find the music in your life!


If you play an instrument, good for you! If not, go and listen to somebody play. Be a part of what’s happening around you. If you can play an instrument, do it. If you can sing, do it. If you can write a song, do it. If you get a chance to listen to someone making music, do it…


Life is good,


Do you play, sing, or dance?

How does music fit into your life?

Leave a comment to fill in some details, ask some questions, or just share the love…


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